Interactive Whiteboard Pros and Cons?

Interactive Whiteboards – Pros & Cons

As Interactive Whiteboards can be considered a paradigm for new media and due to their increasing importance in teaching, The following is a mind map listing the advantages and disadvantages of SMART Boards and Co.  (click on link to enlarge picture)


There are a lot of teachers who dislike this new technology and there are teachers who absolutely love it. After reading this mind map it had me thinking about my own thoughts about interactive whiteboards. When I first went on Professional experience the teacher I had, had a lot of trouble with her interactive whiteboard which made me not like them at all. She always had trouble and ended up hardly ever using it. She just used the old style whiteboard. After the next few Pracs, the interactive whiteboard started growing on me. I have now used it on every prac I’ve been on. I have found that it was very useful and enjoyable for students and teachers and this mind map is exactly what I now think. I agree that they do have their cons but have found they have more pros than cons.

 I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on the interactive whiteboard and whether you like or dislike it?

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